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Hussaini school is a Sunday only program for religious education.

Hussaini School is run only by the volunteers and charges a nominal yearly fees to the students.

Our mission is to pass the true teachings of Islam as taught by Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and his progenies to the growing generation to preserve the true face of Islam.

We, Shias, regard Ali(as) as the first Imam after Prophet Muhammad(saw), and consider him and his descendants the rightful successors to Prophet Muhammad(saw), all of whom are members of the Ahl al-Bayt, the household of Prophet Muhammad(saw).

Hussaini Association of Calgary has been serving the Shia community of calgay since 1982. And with the Hussaini School, since it’s establishment, we have taught over a 1000 students the true teachings of Islam taught by the Prophet of Islam(pbuh).

+ Years of service
Relentless improvements in school
+ Volunteers serving
Selfless services to the community
+ Students taught
Learnt Islamic teachings and values

Recent Projects

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Some of our ongoing projects which is to changing lives & uplifting values.

Classroom Environment

We are working hard to find a classroom facility where each class has disturbance free space and be able to focus on learning better.

School Management

We are working to build an online sytem to better manage the day-to-day operations of the school, also the student and teacher attendance.

Better Curriculum

We are continuously improving curriculum of each class for effective learning and to be able to pass the knowledge of Islam that last a lifetime.
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How to Enroll

To enroll your child at the school, you can walk in to the school and talk to the Principal or fill up form online to start.

Akhlaq (Manners)

We teach students islamic manners that help them to live life with respect.

Fiqh (Belief)

Teaching Fiqh to the students is the focus of the school as belief without logic is useless.

Taarikh (History)

We inform students what happened in history so they can learn lessons for life.

Quran (Arabic)

We have teachers who teach arabic language, so students can read Quran.

Online Courses.

Some of our ongoing projects which requires volunteers. Contact us if you are a web developer and able to spare some time for this noble cause.

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1 years ago

Hussaini School
Salamun Alaykum Hussaini School Parents, reminder there will be no classes tomorrow. We will rather have the Welcoming Ramadhan program starting 12:00 PM. Please also note that there will be no school next 4 Sundays during the month of Ramadhan. School classes will resume on 16th May, 2021 after the Ramadhan. Please see attached Yearly timetable. Please feel free to contact Admins for questions.Hussaini School Welcoming Ramadhan Program Details:11th April 2021 Sunday12:00 PM - Tilawat-e-Quran12:05 PM - Dua-e-Imam-e-Zamana(atfs) by All Participants12:10 PM - Speech by Maulana Syed Hadi Hasan12:35 PM - Speech by Sheikh Ali KaramAli1:00 PM - Student Art & Videos Presentation by HS Admin1:40 PM - Conclusion with Dua-e-Imam-e-Zamana(atfs) by All ParticipantsAlso reminder to Parents to Join HS Parents Telegram group.Zoom meeting details have been shared on the group. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 years ago

Hussaini School
Hussaini Association Madrassa Training session led by Moulana Syed Hadi Hassan sahib at Husssinia. ... See MoreSee Less
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