Salamun alaykum,

Please note that, even though, we have implemented top rated security on this website, now that it’s also open for teachers(few of them not so computer expert) to login, for security reasons, we don’t keep unnecessary or accurate personally identifiable information(PII) in this system.

Please fill-in below information to register you child in Hussaini Sunday School. We recommend, you don’t enter all the information correct, for example, we don’t need exact Date of birth, you can enter 1st January and Correct year of birth. Zipcode can be simply 12345 etc.. Just keep contact number accurate, so, we can contact you. Thank you.






    For the safety and wellbeing of the students please provide the following information:

    Any health related condition you believe the School should know about:

    Any special care needs:

    Any allergies:

    Any other information essential to your your child Registration:

    Please note:
    1) The Hussaini Sunday School will run on every Sunday starting September to May-June unless otherwise stated. Detailed schedule is provided at the start of the School year.
    2) School timings are normally from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. We adjust timing a bit during Winter months.
    3) The prescribed fee is to cover estimated operating expenses resulting from the School service to the community, text books, resources and other related costs. This annual fee is payable at the time of admission. Fee payment options are allowed to deserving families on requests privately, in confidence.